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By Blake Crouch

A Breathless Read into Our future



Miriam Ramsay, a world-renown genetic engineer, believed that the world’s future sustainability is extremely bleak. Hunger, disease, war, and global warming is prevalent. If people were smart enough to understand what was happening she believed more could be done to save the planet. Miriam is now gone, and things are even worse. Most of Manhattan and Florida are underwater.

Logan Ramsay, Miriam’s son, is a government agent with the Gene Protection Agency. He has been the victim of an ice bomb explosion that injected him with a genome-modifying virus. The virus is rewriting portions of his DNA. Physically he hurts everywhere, but his brain is sharper than ever.  He can concentrate better, read faster and remember everything.   Who was responsible for the genetic altering ice bomb? How is he being altered, and for what purpose? When Logan is kidnapped from an observation laboratory, the purpose of the virus injection becomes apparent, and he must make a difficult decision.

“Life never really goes the way you want or expect. Usually, even getting exactly what you want turns out not to have been what you really wanted.“


UPGRADE is a breathless science-fiction ride into what may very well be our future reality. If this book isn’t on your reading list, it should be.  Readers will love the challenge of an action-packed, emotional, and thought-provoking read. Author Blake Crouch keeps your eyes on the page with a timely and morally meaningful message.

Couch showcases Logan Ramsay’s character, who singlehanded propels the timely narrative through the minefields of being genetically altered and into a world at risk of ultimate destruction. Before the ice bomb Logan was a bright, sensitive, and dedicated family man whose favorite activity was playing chess with his teenage daughter. Now that Logan has been upgraded, he has to make a gut-wrenching choice, that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Thanks to Netgalley and Ballantine Books for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher    Ballantine Books

Published   July 12, 2022

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