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Review Policy

Depending on my other obligations,  I may occasionally accept books for review from authors, publicist or publishers.  My focus is on books with strong female characters or fabulous books written by female authors.  I prefer books where women, as the protagonist are portrayed as empowered and in a positive light. If you have a book in my focus area please reach out! 



  • I will always post my honest opinion about a book in a respectful manner.  

  • I will generally read every book I accept cover to cover. 

  • My preferred genres are historical, literary or women fiction, mysteries, thrillers, biographies, memoirs, true crime or history.  

  • I do not accept graphic novels, erotica, horror, fantasy or self-help 

  • I prefer to receive books in Kindle format (.mobi), but may accept print or audio books on occasion. 

  • Because of other reading obligations a review may take as long as six to eight weeks to complete.  

  • Occasionally, a book will not hold my interest and I may be unable to finish it. I try to be very careful in my selection of which books I accept so this does not happen.  I will typically read 30 percent of a book before throwing in the towel. 

  • I reserve the right to not publish a review.  



If you have a book that you think fits my focus area please email me a detailed description of the book and I will be in touch.  

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