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The Raging Storm

By Ann Cleeves

(Matthew Venn Series #3)

Clever and Entertaining



Jem Roscoe is a renowned sailor and adventurer who returns to his hometown for a visit.  He has rented a local cottage and is waiting for a visitor to meet him there.  When Roscoe disappears again after several days, the town folks think nothing of it until someone spots a dingy anchored off the shore of Scully Cove with his body inside.  Detective Investigator Matthew Venn and his team are called to investigate Roscoe’s death.  As a child, Venn had also spent some time in the remote village and was not fond of the area.  When a second body is discovered in Skully Cove, Venn’s investigation kicks into high gear just as another storm approaches, and the village is cut off from outside help.  The lives of the investigative team are at stake as they get closer to identifying the murderer.


The Raging Storm is a multiple murder mystery in the quiet seaside town of Greystone Devon that will have your head spinning with the vast number of interesting characters.  The overall story is entertaining, and the writing is clever.  Venn’s character was self-reflective, likable, and polite.

The seemingly unceasing cold, rain, and wind make the location of Greystone Devon dreary, while the cliffs and hillside vistas of the sea add drama making the location highly atmospheric.  Author Ann Cleeves’ vivid descriptions evoke immense feelings that will make you shiver in anticipation.

I enjoyed listening to the audiobook.  While listening, however, I had difficulty distinguishing between several characters’ names.  Venn, Jen, and Jem sounded similar in the narration, making listening a little complicated.  This confusion would not be a problem when reading the book.

Thanks to Netgalley and Macmillan Audio for an advance copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher  Macmillan Audio

Published  September 5, 2023

Narrated   Jack Holden

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