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Camino Ghosts

Camino Island Series #3

by John Grisham

A Perfect Combination of Setting, Characters, and Writing



Bruce Cable owns the independent bookstore on Camino Island and can always be counted on to get things done.  Mercer Mann, a local part-time resident and author, is looking for a new book idea, and Bruce has found just the story for her.

A cagey developer out of Miami is trying to obtain possession of some undeveloped property off the coast of Camino Island. It’s called Dark Isle and was inhabited by escaped slaves dating back three hundred years. The last two residents of Dark Isle were Lovely Jackson and her mother, who left the island fifty years ago when the hardships became too much for the two women alone.

All of Lovely’s ancestors, dating back to her great-grandmother, Nalla, are buried on Dark Isle, and Lovely continued to take care of their graves until Hurricane Leo made it impossible several years ago.  Now, the developers want the property for condos and a golf course, and Lovely claims that Dark Isle is hers.

Bruce knows the perfect attorney to help Lovely stake her claim in court, and he recruits Mercer to document Lovely’s story and the upcoming battle.


CAMINO GHOSTS is an intricate and intriguing mystery and legal thriller. The setting, characters, and writing are perfectly combined to create a delightful story. This book showcases Grisham's storytelling at its best.

The original story of Lovely's ancestors and how they came to be on Dark Isle is brought to life through a vivid family history written by Lovely herself, who had no formal education. My favorite parts of the overall story revolve around Lovely. I enjoyed reading about the grace, intelligence, and quietness she exuded while dealing with the opposing attorneys, and I particularly loved the scene where she was able to go back to Dark Isle to help find her ancestors' graves.

This is the third book in the outstanding Camino Island series. It can be read independently, but once you read one, you will want to read them all. I highly recommend this book; it’s a must-read.

Thanks to Netgalley and Doubleday Books for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher   Doubleday Books

Published   May 28, 2024

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