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By Lottie Hazel

A Well-Written Story Full of Unanswered Questions and Drama



Piglet is a rising star in a London publishing house, where she works as a cookbook editor. She's also a talented cook with a handsome fiancé named Kit, who seems to have everything she could ask for. However, when Kit confesses a devastating betrayal just weeks before their wedding day, Piglet turns to food to soothe her broken heart. Despite the betrayal, she decides to go ahead with the wedding. But as the big day approaches, Piglet feels increasingly uneasy due to work pressures, family expectations, and her desire to bake her wedding cake. Her anxiety leads her to gorge on food. She is torn between what she thinks she wants and what she truly wants.


PIGLET, the novel, is well-written, well-organized, and a quick read. However, Piglet, the character, is a hot mess for several reasons. She is vulnerable and weak and repeatedly fails to take responsibility for her own happiness. Even when her friends and boss try to help her, she self-sabotages. I find reading books with such characters unsatisfying.

With Piglet’s character driving the narrative, the story is full of drama, but it leaves many unanswered questions. The author appears to be holding back the specific context of Kit's betrayal as a hook to keep readers interested. I was eager to know what Kit had done to trigger Piglet's reaction but was left wanting.

Another unanswered question is whether Piglet has an eating disorder.  The book alludes to one incident as a child, but it's unclear whether she has one or not. Addressing this issue more directly would have been a great opportunity to raise awareness about the issue and perhaps even provide support for people suffering from eating disorders.

It's also perplexing why anyone, but particularly someone with an eating disorder, would allow themselves to be called Piglet.  And the fact that her parents would call her that is unbelievable. We never even learn her given name till the end.

More of Piglet’s backstory and motivation would perhaps help readers understand Piglet’s behavior and decisions better.

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Publisher    Henry Holt

Published   February 24, 2024

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