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North of Nowhere

by Allison Brennan

A Delightfully Complex But Thrilling Action-Packed Story.




Kristen McIntyre, 16, and her 11-year-old deaf brother have been hiding from their father for five years.  Kristen knew her family was different, but she didn’t realize how different until she witnessed her dad kill a man and learned that her dad, Boyd McIntyre was the head of a prominent crime family in Los Angeles.  Kristen also witnessed her mother’s murder just as her mother and the kids attempted to escape from the McIntyre clutches.  Tony Reed, a friend and employee of the McIntyre family and Boyd’s best friend, helped Kristen and Ryan run.  He has been raising them as his own in Big Sky, Montana.

Now Boyd has finally found the trio’s location.  He and several of his men attempt to take the kids early one morning.  Tony and the kids barely escape in a small plane hit by gunfire on takeoff.  The plane crashes into a lake in the Montana wilderness, and the kids hike deep into the woods, searching for safety.  Boyd and his men are in pursuit and will stop at nothing to bring them in.

Nick Lorenzo, Tony’s employer in Big Sky, is also tracking the kids and doesn’t understand why they are on the run or who is following them, but he is adamant about rescuing them.  The kids’ Aunt Ruby joins Nick in the search.  Ruby was Tony’s emergency contact person.  An approaching blizzard and the steep terrain make the search much more than dangerous.  Will any of them make it out alive?


NORTH OF NOWHERE is a perfect combination of characters, setting, and story.  It’s a delightfully complex, action-packed thriller.  The plot is fast-paced and intense.  Readers will be hanging on the edge, never knowing who to trust, when someone will slip off the mountain, or how it will end.

The Montana setting is scenic, and the weather descriptions are captivating.  Reading about a blizzard during the major heat wave in the summer of 2023 is a bonus, providing some imaginary relief from the heat.

The writing is delightfully told from multiple points of view.  The cast of characters is huge but well-developed.  My favorite part is that the story includes at least four or five strong female characters.  One of the females is not very nice; she is so despicable you won’t like her, but you must applaud the evil characterization.

NORTH OF NOWHERE is the first book I have read by Allison Brennan.  I loved it and will be bingeing a few more of her books this summer.  One of my favorite pursuits in reading is finding a new (to me) author with a creative mind and a skilled pen.  Bingo.

I listened to the NORTH OF NOWHERE audiobook narrated by Eliza Foss.  I enjoyed every minute of the performance.  Her timing, tone, and voice were perfect.

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher  Macmillan Audio

Published  August 8, 2023

Narrated   Eliza Foss      

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