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Night Will Find You

By Julia Heaberlin

A Psychic, a Haunted Mansion, and a Missing Little Girl



Vivvy Bouchet is a twenty-eight-year-old brilliant astrophysicist who only wants to hang out in the Bid Bend, Texas, desert and stare at the stars. Her psychic mother has just passed away, and Vivvy must attend her funeral and clean out her house in Fort Worth. While there, a Fort Worth cop and friend who believes that Vivvy is also psychic asks for help with a cold case of a missing girl who disappeared ten years ago. Vivvy reluctantly agrees to help.

When a popular Texas conspiracy theorist podcaster, Bubba Guns, discovers Vivvy’s involvement, he delves deep into her past. He begins twisting facts and inciting his rabid followers to take action. Vivvy’s career and life are on the line. She decides to fight back.


Night Will Find You explores the deceptive nature of conspiracy theories and our urge to believe them. It's a fascinating psychological thriller with a psychic, a haunted mansion, and a little girl who's been missing for ten years.

The writing is smart, and the story is riveting. This story has so many parts that we can fill a picnic basket. This book should be on your reading list.

The characters are all unique and well-drawn. Vivvy character is precisely what I love to find in a female protagonist. She is intelligent but humble. She gives as good as she gets, stands her ground, and never plays the fool. The antagonist, Bubba Guns, is quite the ‘doesn’t care if it's a true” sensationalist podcaster. He’ll say whatever it takes to increase his followers. You will love to hate him. Thankfully, other male characters in the book are not so rabid.

I was impressed by author Julia Heaberlin’s writing, plot, and character development and will look forward to reading additional books she has written. I listened to the audiobook for Night Will Find You. Narrator Karissa Vacker's voice was simply perfect for the book. She had to voice both male and female and young and old characters and did a fabulous job with each. Her pacing, tone, and accents were notable.

Thanks to Netgalley and Macmillan Audio for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Macmillan Audio

Published June 20, 2023

Narrated Karissa Vacker

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