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Finlay Donavan Jumps the Gun

Finlay Donavan #3

By Elle Cosimano

A Funny Romp Through Misadventures



Finlay Donavan is an author and a single mom.  She has a way of getting into trouble.  Now she has accidentally destroyed a super expensive car that she and Vero, her nanny and partner in crime, had “borrowed.”  A mob boss named Feliks wants Finlay to do him a favor and beat the cops in finding out the name of a particular contract killer.  But what if the contract killer is a cop?

Finlay and Vero decide to attend a citizen police academy, which is being coordinated by the handsome cop Nick.  Finlay and Nick have a short history, but with her background, she is not so sure she should get personally involved with a cop.  As the police academy begins, Finlay troubles ramp up. From trouble with the kids, trouble with Nick, and trouble with Feliks.  She and Vero have their hands full.  Will she be able to identify the name of the contract killer in time to prevent any more trouble?


FINLAY DONOVAN JUMPS THE GUN is a funny romp through the misadventures of a writer/mother trying to get out of her past troubles with a mob boss.  Finlay and Vero’s characters and their hilarious exploits will have you rolling your eyes.


Elle Cosimano had creatively written a story that crosses many genres.  It’s part comedy, part romance, part women's fiction, and part mystery. Fans of wacky comedy will love this one.  Finlay and Vero get in over their heads without a thought and will take you on a wild and crazy ride.

I recommend reading the first and second books in the series before reading this one. Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher    Minotaur Books

Published   January 31, 2023

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