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The Heiress

By Rachel Hawkins

A Family Drama Full of Secrets and Revenge



Camden is the adopted son of Ruby McTavish, the wealthiest woman in North Carolina. When Ruby died, Camden did not want anything to do with her money, her family, or the family estate in the Blue Ridge mountains. He left North Carolina for good and is now an English teacher in Colorado, happily married to Jules and living a simple life.

Jules and Camden have been married for ten years, and she is intrigued by Camden's family legacy. She would love to see the McTavish mansion and convinces Camden to return to Tavistock, North Carolina. Things do not go as she expected.

Ruby McTavish had lived quite an infamous life.  She was kidnapped as a child of three and found alive eight months later.  She was married four times but tragically lost each of her husbands. After her last husband died, Ruby devoted her life to charitable work and adopted Camden.  She died in 2013, leaving Camden everything and angering the rest of her family.


The Heiress is a family drama full of secrets and revenge and told from three perspectives. Camden and Jule's characters are nicely developed.  But it is Ruby who steals the show.  Ruby tells her story and her deep, dark secrets through letters addressed to Camden. Ruby's story is entertaining but is so far-fetched it requires the suspension of disbelief. Overall, the story is nicely paced and interesting to read.

Thanks to Netgalley and St. Martine Press for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher    St. Martins Press

Published   January 9, 2024

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