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Faithful Place

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Dublin Murders Squad #3

Brilliantly Plotted and Full of Atmosphere



What happened to Rosie Daly? Teenagers, Frank and Rosie have been planning to run away together to London for months. The haven’t told anyone of their elopement plans. On the magically night of their planned departure, Frank is left waiting on a neighborhood street corner for hours with his rucksack at the top of Faithful Place. Rosie never showed up. He finds a note inside a nearby old condemned house they had frequented in the past and was convinced that Rosie must have changed her mind. Determined to escape his dysfunctional family, Frank although broken-hearted, left anyway and never looked back.

Twenty years later, Frank, now a middle-age undercover detective in Dublin, receives news that a suitcase was found behind the fireplace in that same old abandoned house where he found that note the night he left Faithful Place. Inside the suitcase was girl’s clothing, a birth certificate and ferry tickets to England, the same tickets Rosie and Frank had planned to use to leave twenty years earlier. Frank is forced to return to Faithful Place to find out what really happened to Rosie Daly that night.

“My father told me once that the most important thing every man should know is what he would die for.”


FAITHFUL PLACE is a delightfully tense and absorbing murder mystery and family drama. It is brilliantly and dramatically plotted and full of atmosphere. Descriptions are vivid and the cast of characters are intriguing and robustly developed.

Frank Mackey, the pillar of the story is a broken-hearted middle-age man, bound and determined to find out what happened to his first love. My favorite character is Frank’s nine year-old daughter, Holly. She will steal your heart with both her tears and her smarts.

FAITHFUL PLACE is a tragic story on so many levels, one that you have to read to believe. It is richly textured and includes class conflicts, sibling rivalry, and family dysfunction.

Author Tana French’s writing is captivating. FAITHFUL PLACE received several awards including the Goodreads Choice Awards for Mystery and Thriller (2010). I listened to the audiobook and found the narration and Dublinese a little difficult to follow at first, but as the book progresses it became much easier.

“We were still at the age when girls are years older than guy, and the guys grow up by doing their best when the girls need them to.”

Publisher Viking Penguin/Recorded Books

Published July 13, 2010

Narrated Tim Gerard Reynolds


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