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Dead Drop

Handler #2

By M. P. Woodward

A Suspenseful and Intriguing Spy Thriller



CIA agents Meredith Morris-Dale and her ex-husband John are once again called in to service. Nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran have reached an impasse. The new American administration wants to move forward, and Iran wants the sanction lifted, but there is a roadblock, Lieutenant Colonel Kasem Kahlidi , an Iranian intelligence officer and US defector. The CIA hoped to turn and use him by returning him to Irani. Now he is a highly valued target.

The Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, will do whatever it takes to prevent Iran’s nuclear weapons. They want Meredith’s help finding the lead Iranian rocket scientist, while John is desperate to keep Khalidi one step ahead of an Iranian hit squad.


DEAD DROP is another suspenseful and intriguing spy thriller from the author of The Handler. The story is complicated, tense, and fast-moving. The writing is good and demonstrates the author’s knowledge of the intelligence community.

There is a huge cast of characters, with Meredith and John’s leading the pack. Their characters were well-developed, and they rapidly propel the narrative. A plethora of emotions, angst, fear, adrenaline, and bravery come through on the pages.

Author M.P. Woodward is a veteran of both US intelligence ops and the entertainment industry. As a naval intelligence officer with the US Pacific Command, he scripted US war game exercises in the Middle East. In multiple deployments to the Persian Gulf and the Far East, he worked alongside US Special Forces, CIA, and NSA. His knowledge comes thru in this story.

Thanks to Netgalley and Berkley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher  Berkley

Published  May 23, 2023

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