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She’s Not Sorry

By Mary Kubica

A  Delightfully Dark Novel of Unrelenting Tension



Meghan Michaels is a divorced, single mother of a teenager and works full-time as an ICU nurse. She tries to stay emotionally detached from her patients, but when a young woman, Caitlin, who either jumped off or was pushed off a bridge, comes under her care, Meghan finds herself getting too close. She becomes emotionally entangled with Caitlin and her family and soon realizes that she and her daughter's lives may be at risk.


She's Not Sorry begins with a slow roll, much like the trains outside Meghan’s apartment window. However, it quickly gains momentum, covering various themes such as violence against women, suicide, relationship abuse, and divorce.

The story is a delightfully dark novel full of unrelenting tension. Meghan’s character is multifaceted and she totally propels the harrowing narrative.

Author Mary Kubica has intricately plotted this thrilling story with as many twists as a corkscrew. The phone ringing in the bottom of Meghan’s purse had me hooked. Parts of the story are emotionally intense, and Kubica does a great job of making you feel the angst. She captures your attention and won’t let go.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher Park Row for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher    Park Row

Published   April 2, 2024

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