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While Justice Sleeps

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

By Stacey Abrams

A Thoughtfully Written and Thought-Provoking Unique Thriller of a Story



The cantankerous but legendary Justice Howard Wynn slips into a coma late Sunday night with his nurse by his side. Wynn is the swing vote on many high-profile cases being considered this term. His brilliant law clerk with troublesome family issues, Avery Keene, is notified that Justice Wynn has appointed her to serve as his legal guardian. It’s a role she never anticipated, and very few believe she is capable of handling.

The most controversial case facing the court, a merger between an American biotech company and an Indian genetics firm, promises historical breakthroughs and capabilities in the medical field. Wynn’s earlier research on this merger reveals a major conspiracy perhaps reaching the highest levels of government. Avery uncovers that Wynn also had a personal stake in the results of the merger. Avery’s knowledge of chess and her eidetic memory makes her the perfect person to unravel the clues Wynn left behind. But her power over the judge’s life places her in harm's way. No one would blame her if she stepped down as Justice Wynn’s guardian.


Author Stacey Abrams uses her knowledge of both the legal and political process to develop a unique mystery thriller involving the Supreme Court. It’s both thoughtfully written and thought-provoking. WHILE JUSTICE SLEEPS has a robust cast of well-drawn believable characters. You will fly through the pages along with Avery as she races the clock, following the cryptic clues Justice Wynn left behind to determine what is best for both Justice Wynn and the country.

While I thought it was a bit long (15 hours), it’s a great puzzle of a story. I wouldn’t change a thing. My favorite part was Avery’s fortitude and dedication to fulfill her role as guardian, despite the political pressure, media attacks, and physical threats “encouraging” her to step down

WHILE JUSTICE SLEEPS was nicely narrated by Adenrele Ojo. Her performance added depth and pacing to the story

Publisher Penguin Random House Audio

Published May 10, 2021

Narrated Adenrele Ojo, Stacey Abrams

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