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When the Moon Turns Blue

By Pamela Terry

A Stellar Story of Family and Friendships



Tempers are flaring in the small Wesleyan, Georgia community over the statue of a confederate General erected in 1918. The threat to remove the statue has sharply divided the town. When a rare ice storm hits Wesleyan, the town wakes to find the controversial statue destroyed and much of the town damaged and without power for days.

The tensions over the statue concern Marietta Cline, who has never been a fan. Her brother, Macon, is a top defense attorney in the Southeast. He is representing the owner of the park where the statue has always stood on private property. Now Macon is determined to find and punish those responsible for destroying the statue, and Marietta is beside herself.

The ice storm has also caused Marietta’s beautiful family home to become a refuge and safe haven for an unlikely group of three remote acquaintances the day after her husband’s funeral. The four reconnect, and they come to appreciate each other for their differences, a gay bookstore owner, an estranged childhood friend of Marietta, and Marietta’s sister-in-law and Macon’s wife.

Once in a while the odd thing happens,

Once in a while the dreams come true,

And the whole pattern of life is altered,

Once in a while, the moon turns blue

W. H. Auden


WHEN THE MOON TURNS BLUE is a stellar story of friendship and family during a time of immense conflict. The timely story is told with compassion and care for both sides of the controversy. The writing is thought-provoking, descriptive, and easy to read, despite a large cast of characters.

It’s a dizzying carousel of a plot, with each chapter rotating between various groups of characters. The characters propel the narrative and are realistically drawn. The dialog is meaningful and, at times, witty. It’s a touching drama reflecting real-life struggles.

WHEN THE MOON TURNS BLUES is a perfect book for a rainy day or a day in a comfy chair by a warm crackling fire. You’ll love Marietta’s character and her willingness to stand up for her beliefs.

Author Pamela Terry Is a lifelong Southerner who learned the power of storytelling very early. A previous novel The Sweet Taste of Muscadines was published in 2021

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine

Published February 21, 2023

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