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The Sentinel

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Jack Reacher #25

A typical Jack Reacher story in a different town.



Rusty Rutherford is an unassuming IT manager, recently fired after a cyber attack locked up the data and records in Pleasantville, Tennessee. Jack Reacher is just getting into town when he notices that Rutherford is blindly walking into an ambush. It’s four against one, so Reacher can’t help but intervene in typical Reacher fashion. After the intervention he soon learns that the bad guys who attempted to jump Rutherford are part of something serious, involving a conspiracy, a cover-up and murder all centered on what this mousy little IT manager knows. Reacher is intrigued.

“He found people respond to crises in two ways. Some get to work fixing the problem. Others, proving the problem wasn’t their fault. Reacher liked the first kind. Rutherford seemed like the first kind. It was nice to see someone not dumping on him for a change.”


The Sentinel is typical Jack Reacher story in a different town. Reacher at six-foot-five is his own man. He is smart, strategic, strong and empathetic. He has the ability to find trouble everywhere he goes. And he will never turn a blind eye to a good guy, like Rusty Rutherford who needs help.

This is Jack Reacher #25 and I am happy to say, up to now I have loved every single one of Lee Child’s books in this series which started in 1997. Each book is a comfortable and fast read. But now I think it’s time for me to move on.

If you have not read Reacher before I recommend the series, each book can be read independently but it’s always fun to start at the beginning to see how rReacher became who he is.

For those of us that have read them may want to pass. reading about the same character 25 times is enough. The formula is getting old and way to predictable. This one just didn’t hold my attention as much as others in the series have.

LEE CHILD had been joined by his brother Andrew Child in writing The Sentinel. The writing continues to be descriptive and intense. They makes it easy to visualize the mousy Rusty Rutherford walking into an ambush.

Publisher Delacorte Press

Published October 27, 2020

Narrated Scott Brick

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