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The Perfect Assassin

By James Patterson and Brian Sitts

Doc Savage #1

A Riveting and Suspenseful Story



Past: Two beautiful six-month-old babies are kidnapped from their nursery in a small village on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. Their mother, Marisha, was a physicist, and her husband, Mikhail, was a brilliant mathematician. The parents and the officials were never able to find these babies. What happened to them?

Present: Anthropology Professor Brandt Savage has just been awarded a sabbatical from the University of Chicago.  On his twenty-minute walk home from the college on a sub-zero, snowy day, the bespectacled Ph.D. is violently shoved head-first in the back of a green panel van. He is taken to an unknown location, where he is held prisoner by Meed.  The two have a distant connection through their ancestors. She is the great grand-daughter of John Sunlight, and Savage is the grandson of the legendary action figure Doc Savage, the two of which were determined to kill each other. The demanding Meed begins an intensive training program with Savage, modifying his geeky physique into a superior physical and mental specimen, perhaps even a new superhero. But why is she doing this? Based on their family history, they should never have been in the same room together.

On one of their first missions after half a year of relentless training, Meed attempts to take Savage to the Russian training ground, where she escaped when she was 17. They run into trouble along the way. Someone has been looking for Meed.  Returning to her old school is the only way to stop the killers after her and attempt to right the wrongs of those now in charge there.


The Perfect Assassin is riveting and suspenseful. The writing is as superior and smooth as an excellent smokey red wine. The story will keep you on your toes. It flows effortlessly and is smartly structured.  The plot goes back and forth in time and uses multiple points of view. The read is quick and exciting, and the conclusion is smashing.

Both Meed and Savage’s characters are intelligent and intriguing. Meed’s character is original and unforgettable. She is the pillar of the story, and her strength, courage, and perseverance are admirable.

Author James Patterson, one of the most prolific writers of our time, and Brian Sitts have developed a new series to look forward to. Read this one now. You’ll see, by the end of this engaging story, you want more.  They have managed to create not one but two dynamic characters in Meed and Savage who may perhaps in the future fulfill the code of striving to help others and “do right to all and wrong to no man.”

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher    Grand Central Publishing

Published   November 15, 2022

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