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The Overnight Guest

By Heather Gudenkauf

A Heart-Stopping Thriller with Evocative Descriptions



Present Day - After arguing with her teenage son, writer Wylie Lark retreats to a remote farmhouse to complete her latest true crime book. A major winter storm has just hit the area. Her dog demands to go out in the middle of the storm. While outside, Wylie is shocked to find a small child wounded and abandoned in the storm. Wylie brings the young boy into the house to warm him up. Searching for the boy’s family, she goes back out in the storm and finds a truck overturned in a ditch and eventually finds the boy's mother, severely caught up in barb wire. After retrieving wire cutters from the barn, she can no longer find the woman. What happened to her? Is she still out there? Why would she leave her child?

2000 - Josie Doyle is excited to be going to the state fair tomorrow with her best friend Becky. Since Josie’s family is leaving early in the morning for the trip to the fair Becky is spending the night with Josie. During the night the two are too excited to sleep. Instead they sneak outside and jump on the trampoline. When the two hear shots being fired in the house they are terrified and run hand in hand for the nearby field of corn. Only steps away from the protection of the corn, Becky trips and falls, and Josie is shot in the arm. Josie continues into the corn to hide, but Becky is nowhere to be found. Who could be shooting at them and why? Is her family ok? Where is her brother Ethan? Was he involved? Where is Becky?


THE OVERNIGHT GUEST is a heart stopping thriller. It has multiple storylines, which are creatively woven together. The writing is excellent, and the smartly structured story keeps you captivated.

Author Heather Gudenkauf has developed evocative descriptions and well-drawn characters who will touch your heart. You can’t help but feel their sadness, their fear, as well as their relief. Gudenkauf is the best-selling author of several books, including Before She Was Found (2019) and This is How I Lied (2020).

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Harlequin Trade Publishing

Published January 25, 2022

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