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The Ladies Midnight Swimming Club

By Faith Hogan

A Delightfully Intimate and Deeply Moving Story of Friendship



Elizabeth O’Shea’s husband had just died, leaving her on the brink of bankruptcy and saddled with a sad and outdated medical practice. She lives on top of a stone cliff in a small Irish village on the western seaboard.

Elizabeth’s best friend, Jo, lives just down the hill.  Jo wants to do what she can to help Elizabeth in her time of need, so she calls her daughter Lucy, an emergency room doctor in Dublin.  She hopes Lucy will be willing to take over the medical practice and move back to Ballycove.

Lucy is still reeling from a divorce, but she and her son Niall pack up the car for a visit with her mom.  After talking with Elizabeth, she feels compelled to give the practice a trial run for a few weeks.  It doesn’t take long for her to figure out that a move back to her rural seaside hometown town might be just the thing for her.

These three women, Elizabeth, Jo, and Lucy, are thrown together by circumstance and become fast friends. But Jo's world soon turns upside down, and Elizabeth, Lucy, and Niall rally around her.  For peace and relaxation, Jo has been swimming in the frigid Atlantic water in the dark of night for years. It is hard for her friends to understand.  But  after Elizabeth's husband’s  death, Elizabeth, on the spur of the moment, decides to join Jo on a midnight swim and soon realizes how refreshing it is,

In search of solace, Jo and Elizabeth enjoy midnight dips in the freezing sea. Here they can laugh, cry and wash away all their fears. The idea takes root with others, and soon, the entire community is involved.

"A dip in the Irish Sea is all it takes to wash away their troubles..."


THE LADIES MIDNIGHT SWIMMING CLUB is an inspiring tale of friendship, fortitude, and resilience.  The setting is delightfully picturesque, with the golden sand beaches of Ireland’s west Atlantic coast, where a midnight dip in the frigid waters creates a bond and heals more than one troubled soul.

Author Faith Hogan writes a delightfully intimate and deeply moving women’s story of new beginnings and friendships. Her writing is insightful and emotional, and the vibrant characters drive the story.  It’s a dramatic story you don’t want to come to an end.

This is a great pick for a bookclub!  Thanks to Adela Mitchell for bringing this book to the attention of our book club.  Cant wait to talk about it.   

Publisher    Aria

Published   September 30, 2022

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