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The Four Winds

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

by Kristin Hannah

A woman’s perseverance is showcased in this memorable and beautifully written family drama.



Texas, 1934. The winds are blowing from the north, south east and west. Farmers are fighting to keep their land, their families and their livelihoods as the crops are failing, the water is drying up, and dirt threatens to bury them all. Elsa Martinelli, like so many of her neighbors, must make an agonizing choice: fight for the land she loves or take her children west, to California, in search of a better life.


The Four Wind is poignant, riveting and thought-provoking story. Author Kristin Hannah is unmatched in her ability to evoke emotion with indomitable women characters who are courageous, strong and make a difference. Elsa Martinelli will have you cheering her on in the very first chapter, when her parents treat her shamefully.

Elsa is a moving character who has faced enough hardships during her brief twenty-five year life to emotionally cripple the average women, and yet she perseveres. Hannah harnesses Elsa’s anger and desperation to fuel this emotionally intense story of love, family and survival. You not only feel Elsa’s emotional pain and desperation, but you also feel the dirt and sand in her bed, hair and mouth. And you can even hear the winds ripping the house apart.

The Four Winds is a gut-wrenching story and an indelible portrait of America during one of the most desperate periods in our history, a conflation of both the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl between 1935 to 1938 in the Great Plains.

Hannah has created a marvelous book all the way around. From the dramatic cover and the captivating opening chapter, to the iconic characters, the memorable story, the perfect pacing and the enlightening writing. It’s a meticulous-built tension-filled family drama that will leave you speechless.

Hannah has written more than twenty novels including The Nightingale, and The Great Alone. Thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

Publisher St. Martin’s Press

Published February 9, 2021

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