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The Bodyguard

By Katherine Center

A Delightfully Funny Romance Novel

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Hannah Brooks has been a highly Executive Protection Agent for over eight years. She is only five and a half feet, but with expertise in martial arts, she can drop any guy in an easy second. She has been hired to protect the world-famous actor Jack Stapleton from a middle-aged female stalker. Jack’s mom is sick, so he must go to his family’s Texas ranch to be with her. Since he doesn’t want his family to know about his stalker or his bodyguard, Hannah unwillingly pretends to be his girlfriend. What could go wrong? Will anyone believe the hot heartthrob Jack Stapleton would be with Hannah? Hannah’s ex-boyfriend certainly doesn’t think so and isn't afraid to tell her so.


THE BODYGUARD is a delightful and fun romance novel by Katherine Center. Hannah and her personal insecurities take center stage in this quick read. After the recent loss of her mother and a breakup with her boyfriend, Hannah just wants to get back to work. She loves her job…but is not so sure about this assignment. She feels so unloveable, and having to play the part of the girlfriend to the irresistible Jack Stapleton is emotionally confusing. Are they pretending, or is there something happening here?

Katherine Center keeps us on our toes with clever writing and intriguing characters that will have you flying through the pages. Jack is quite handsome and such a gentleman. He has not let Hollywood go to his head. Who wouldn’t love him? He leaves his clothes on the bathroom floor and has his own set of nightmare-inducing issues after losing his brother years ago. Hannah’s relentless emotional insecurities often drive the plot but contrast interestingly well with her job professionalism. Center also gives us a new appreciation for the benefits of birdhouses!

Center is an NYT bestselling author known as the “queen of comfort reads.” She weaves a tale that keeps us guessing and would be great for a day at the beach or by the pool. Other books by Center include: How to Walk Away (2018), Things You Save in a Fire (2019), and What You Wish For (2020).

Audiobook narrator Patti Murin captures the essence of the story with her voice. She uses subtle changes for each character, and her pacing, tone, and inflection are perfect. Her voice adds humor and warmth to the story and will leave listeners happy.

Thanks to Netgalley, St. Martin’s Press, and Macmillan Audio for an advance copy of this book. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Publisher St Martins Press/Mcmillian Audio

Published July 19.2022

Narrated Patti Murin

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