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Such a Fun Age

A revealing and thought-provoking story of racism and privilege.



Alix Chamberlain is a lifestyle blogger, encouraging women to speak up. Late one evening Alix’s babysitter, Emira Tucker is confronted by a security guard in a high-end grocery store. The security guard seeing a young black women out late with a 3-year-old white child accuses Emira of kidnapping Alix daughter, Briar. Emira is humiliated by the confrontation but when she discovers the confrontation has been captured on video, she wants nothing to do with it.

Alix vows to make it up to the 25-year-old Emira, but Emira is broke, aimless and wary of Alix’s desire to help. When the video unearths someone from Alix’s past, both women question what they know about themselves and each other.

“I don’t need you to be mad that it happened. I need you to be mad that it just like...happens.”


SUCH A FUN AGE is a revealing story of white privilege and racism. The story was intriguing and thought provoking. The characters, which drive the story are a interesting study.

Emira’s character was a contrast in that she was emotionally mature by being calm and cool in the face of adversity, but her motivation to move forward with her adult life, such as finding a job with heath benefits was lacking. One of my favorite parts of the story was how Emira considered Briar her ”favorite little human”. I have to agree with her. Briar was pretty cute...she was the best part of the story. The things that came out of her mouth...

Alix’s character on the other hand was a truly horrible person. She was shallow, entitled, a racist, a horrible mother, a liar, and had a unusual obsession with Emira. It’s hard to phantom a character with less morals, compassion or mothering skills. Alix’s over the top character affected the realism of the story. But she certainly does make you stop and think.

Author Kiley Reid is a recent graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop where she was the recipient of the Truman Capote Fellowship. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Such A Fun Age is her first novel.

“I think it best we went our separate way, and that those paths never cross again.”

Publisher Putnam

Published January 7, 2020

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