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State of Terror

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

By Louise Penny, Hillary Clinton

A Taut, Cleverly Layered, and Immensely Satisfying Book of Political Intrigue and Mystery



Newly appointed Secretary of State Ellen Adams faces a series of global terrorist attacks and must unravel the deadly conspiracy before further attacks hit American soil. After three buses have exploded in three major European cities, a young female US Foreign Service Officer on the Pakistan desk receives a coded message. As the bodies are being counted the Officer must gather her courage and fight to convince her superiors that the message is relevant to the attacks.

As the clock winds down Ellen Adams, her best friend, her daughter and the young Foreign Service Officier, jet around the world courting both our allies and our enemies for information about who is behind the attacks. Adams will do whatever it takes to stop the attacks in the US even if it means returning to the US without a answer to sit and wait.


Louise Penny and Hillary Clinton have partnered to write an indisputable bestselling political thriller full of intrigue and suspense. The story is a departure from the Gramache series for Canadian author Louise Penny, but her outstanding writing and detailed character development shine through. Hillary Clinton, who served as the US Secretary of State for four years, adds to the story with her expertise on US politics and international diplomacy and intrigue. It's a winning combination with these two fabulous women.

STATE OF TERROR hooks you from page one and fills you with tension for the other three hundred pages. The story is a testament to the fortitude of women and to the power and support of female friendships. The book is taut, cleverly layered and immensely satisfying.

I listened to the audiobook and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The narrator was Joan Allen who did a fabulous job with the overall performance. Her voice aligns well with the emotional tone, rhythm and nuances of the story.

Publisher Simon and Schuster and St Martins Press

Published October 12, 2021

Narrated Joan Allen

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