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Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six

By Lisa Unger

Relentless Tension and Skillful Writing



Hiking, hot tubs, and massages were on the weekend agenda for a getaway for three couples in an isolated luxury cabin in the woods. What could be better?

Hannah and her tech husband Bruce need to restore their connection after the birth of their baby daughter Gigi. Hannah’s wealthy brother, Mako, and his petite yogi wife, Liza, are springing for the cabin and the personal chef for the weekend.  Hannah's best friend and party girl, Cricket, and her new boyfriend, Joshua, are also invited for the weekend.

The weekend becomes a North Georgia nightmare when a tropical storm moves in on their first night, and the power goes out.  They have just heard a haunting story of a family that was murdered on the property decades earlier, so some members of the party are already on edge. While lightning flashes, trees fall, and roads flood, one person disappears. Before the night is over, someone else shows up for the weekend who is determined to rectify some wrongs from the past.


Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six is a riveting multi-layered psychological thriller. The story delves into the shocking things that can be uncovered with ancestry research and DNA testing and whether we can lead a happy life if we don’t know exactly who we came from.  Sometimes the truth is too hard to handle.

The story is tense, dark, and atmospheric. The deeper into the book you read, the tighter your fingers will grip this book. The tension is relentless, from start to finish.

Author Lisa Unger’s writing is engrossing, evocative, and skillfully constructed. While some side stories may seem unrelated, rest assured that Unger weaves a gut-wrenching tale with no thread left untucked.

Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six is Unger’s twentieth novel. Other most recent novels include Last Girl Ghosted and Confessions on the 7:45, which is currently in development at Netflix.  The motivation for this novel came to her when she was staying at a luxury cabin in the state of Georgia during the pandemic. While lying awake in bed at night, her imagination takes control, and she spins the darkest of scenarios, as she worries about who else has the lock code for this same cabin.

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher    Park Row

Published   November 8, 2022

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