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Run Rose Run

By James Patterson, Dolly Parton

When You Combine Parton and Patterson Sequins are Going to Fly, and Words are Going to Flow



Dolly Parton teams up with James Patterson to write a thriller about a young female singer-songwriter who has just landed in Nashville and is looking for a break. Her simple songs are about hard times, and her voice grabs people’s attention. She is sleeping on the street, running from a past and looking for a brighter future.

After playing in several Nashville bars, AnnieLee Keyes is getting noticed with her big voice and heartfelt songs. She grabs the attention of RuthAnna Rider, a retired county music icon, who takes AnnieLee under her wing and shows her the ropes. But when AnnieLee gets noticed, bad things start happening.

“Sometimes you could see the scars, and sometimes you couldn’t. But everybody had them.”


When you pair up James Patterson and Dolly Parton, sequins are going to fly, and words are going to flow. RUN RUBY RUN is a classic county music story that is entertaining and heartbreaking. It grabs your attention right from the start when AnnieLee is hitchhiking to Nashville and creating a new song in her head. You know something good or bad is going to happen. The writing and the story are delightful.

AnnieLee and RuthAnna’s characters feel authentic. You can’t help but see Parton's fingerprints all over these characters. I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed the multicast narration. Listening to the book felt as if I was already watching the soon-to-be-made movie starring who else but Dolly Parton, the leading lady of country.

“She cared so much about her words, her creative expression, when what mattered to everyone else was the bottom line. Everything was a business—even art. She’d written the songs, but she wouldn’t be able to truly own them. Not if she wanted the rest of the world to hear them.”

Publisher Little Brown and Company

Published March 7, 2022

Narrated Multicast featuring Dolly Parton

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