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One Step Too Far

Frankie Elkins #2

By Lisa Gardner

Stellar Writing, Intense Story and a Character Full of Determination



Frankie Elkin, a recovering alcoholic, spends her life doing what no one else will. She searches for missing people that the world has stopped looking for. Frankie is on a bus to Ramsey, Wyoming, to look for Tim O’Day, who’s been missing in a national forest for five years. He and four of his buddies were on a camping trip to celebrate his upcoming wedding. Now Tim’s mother is dying of cancer, and she wants her boy brought home before she dies. Frankie wangles her way onto a seasoned search team. But when the search team encounters immediate threats to their survival and others in the party go missing, Frankie realizes she’s out of her league and up against something very dark.


ONE STEP TOO FAR is a captivating tale of unrelenting tension set deep in the Wyoming forest. The terrain is dangerous, and there are shrieks in the trees that will keep you awake at night. The story is intense, the writing is stellar, and Frankie’s character is authentic.

Frankie Elkin reminds me of a female version of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher character. Both characters travel around the US; both are flawed but help those in need. Frankie is a strong, resilient, courageous, and determined woman. Nothing stops Frankie from doing her job. I want to read more about her! If you haven’t read the first book in the series BEFORE SHE DISAPPEARS, read it now!

Author Lisa Gardner has skillfully executed a suspenseful story that is masterfully written. Her writing will leave you breathless.

Hillary Huber’s performance as narrator for the audiobook was strong. She had many characters to contend with and managed to make them distinct, including a strong nasal tone for one member of the search party. Huber's performance heightens the tenseness of the story, and yet her performance sounds effortless.

Publisher Dutton/Brilliance Audio

Published January 18, 2022

Narrated Hillary Huber

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