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No Plan B

By Lee Child and Andrew Child

Jack Reacher Once Again Conquers the Unconquerable



Jack Reacher is in Gerardsville, Colorado, visiting a museum when he witnesses a tragic accident. A woman does under the wheels of a bus. Some witnesses say she jumped in front of the bus, but Reacher saw the woman stealthily pushed by a man in a hoodie who took the woman's purse and ran.  When Reacher quickly takes care of the man in the hoodie, he checks the woman’s purse looking for evidence of why the woman was murdered.

Reacher finds the woman, Angela, was from Mississippi, and she had a young daughter.  Angela was a prison employee at the Minerva Correctional Facility in Winson, Mississippi.  Her purse also contained an envelope containing some papers and a mug shot from a young adult male who had been unfairly imprisoned fifteen years ago. His release was set for later that week. Was this why Angela was thrown under a bus?  But why was she in Colorado? What will happen to her daughter? And what exactly was Reacher going to do about it all?


NO PLAN B is a wild ride across the states between Colorado and Mississippi with an army of dangerous thugs chasing Jack Reacher the whole way. Reacher, at six foot five and 250 pounds, is an unforgettable hero. He is smart, strategic, strong, and empathetic.  He’ll never turn a blind eye to a person in need, and he knows Angela was murdered, and he is going to find out why.

The story is dense with layer upon layer of subplots: a reporter wants a story, a young boy is trying to find his father, a man with pyrotechnic skills wants retribution for the death of his son, and the private prison officials in Mississippi have secrets they want to keep secret at any cost.

Lee and Andrew Child have skillfully written another action-packed Jack Reacher story. The tension and fighting are nonstop, and the book is riveting. If you’re not read Reacher before, I highly recommend this series, especially if you like a continuous flow of fighting and suspense. You can read each book in the series independently, but it’s so much more fun to start at the beginning to see how Reacher became the man he is.

For those already Jack Reacher fans, NO PLAN B is worth the read. The writing is tight and atmospheric, and Reacher once again bulldozes his way across the country, leaving bodies in his wake and conquering the unconquerable.

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher    PenguinRandomHouse

Published   October 25, 2022

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