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Never Coming Home

By Hannah Mary McKinnon

A Liar and a Con Man You Will Love to Hate



Lucas can't wait to get his hands on his wife’s millions of dollars. His long-term plans for this are finally coming together. Michelle and Lucas have been married for three years. Now he has recently hired a hitman from the dark web to kidnap and murder his wife. He took every precaution to cover his tracks, and he deserves an Emmy for playing the grieving husband for Michelle's family and friends. He already has plans for all that money.

Michelle has been missing for weeks, when Lucas received a series of notes and photos of Michelle. Someone was playing him. Was his hitman going to blackmail him? Or could it be Travis, Michelle’s drug-addicted brother, staying in Lucas’s house? Whoever is sending these notes is escalating, and they are getting to him. He is running scared.


Never Coming Home is a tense but witty character-driven thriller. Lucas is the narrator in this clever tale of deception and duplicity. Author Hannah Mary McKinnon grabs the reader with a fait acompli. Lucas has had his wife killed. The only question will he get away with it.

Lucas is a delightfully well-developed and intriguing character. You will love to hate him. He is deceptive and despicable, but he is also funny and relatable. The ending was fabulous. Maybe not very realistic, but really fun and funny in a dark way.

Author Hannah Mary McKinnon does a great job writing Never Coming Home from a man’s perspective. Other titles she has written include You Will Remember Me (2021) and Dear Sister (2020). Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher MIRA

Published May 24, 2022

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