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Murder at Black Oaks

Robin Lockwood #6

By Phillip Margolin

Margolin’s Writing is Clear, Descriptive and Direct



Robin Lockwood is a well known defense attorney practicing law in Portland, Oregon.  Frank Melville, a retired  prosecutor, and defense attorney hires Robin to look at a murder case he had won as a prosecutor.  He knows he got it wrong, and Jose Alvarez has been sitting on death row ever since. Jose is not the one that killed his college girlfriend. Frank knows exactly who did, but he is forbidden to talk about it due to attorney-client confidentiality. Can Robin get Jose off before it’s to late?


If you haven’t met Robin Lockwood yet, you are missing out on an intelligent and amazing female literary character.  Murder at Black Oaks is part legal drama and part locked-room murder mystery, and Robin carries the day on both counts.

Author Phillip Margolin says that Murder in Blacks Oaks is his homage to all of the great writers from the golden age of mysteries. Think Agatha Christie and Ellory Queen. Margolin says they inspired him to write a novel with an impossible murder, a haunted mansion, secret passages, and a werewolf curse, the wonderful ingredients that make those old mysteries so great.  This book has all that and more. Margolin's writing is clear, descriptive and direct, and his characters are intriguing.  Worth the read!

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher    Minotaur Books

Published   November 8, 2022

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