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Local Woman Missing

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

By Mary Kubica

A Startling Tale of How Far a

Person Will Go to Bury the Truth.



Shelby Tebow is missing. Then Meredith Dickey and her six-year-old daughter, Delilah, disappear. Are the disappearances connected? A search only reveals more questions, and the cases eventually go cold. Eleven years later, Delilah is found, and everyone is anxious to hear what happened to her. But some, including Delilah’s brother, Leo, are not so sure of her story.


LOCAL WOMAN MISSING is a fast-moving satisfying story of how far a person will go to bury the truth. The story effortless goes back and forth in time between now and 11 years before. Meredith, Delilah, Leo, and the neighbors tell the story of what happened when Shelby, Meredith, and Delilah went missing.

Have you heard the saying “everyone has a story?” It’s certainly true in this book and we get it all. Of course we hear Shelby’s, Meredith’s, and Delilah’s story, but we also get the story of the neighbors Bea and Kate, and Deliliah brother, Leo, not to mention the husbands of Shelby and Meredith. The characters are plentiful but distinct and easily identifiable.

Kubica is a master at misdirection in this book, with an ending that will knock your socks off. The ground shifts halfway thru and everything you thought you figured out is blown away.

I listened to the twelve hour audio version of LOCAL WOMAN MISSING, narrated by a multicast. The four narrators did an excellent job with the voices. It’s a great listen.

Publisher Park Row/Harlequin Audio

Published May 18, 2021

Narrated Brittany Pressley, Jennifer Jill Anaya, Gary Tiedemann, Jesse Vilinsky

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