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Little Whispers

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

An entertaining tale of suspense and secrets.



Have you ever shared a secret with someone, and the minutes it’s out of your mouth you regret saying it? Janey Markham, husband Issac just landed the job of a lifetime. Less work, more money and he’ll working from home and able to spend more time with his family. Janey is thrilled that with the job they will be moving to the upscale and desirable neighborhood of Buckingham Crescent.

Janey is worried she’ll will not fit in with the wealthy women in the neighborhood. When she meets Tanya she is hopeful. As Janey and Tanya grow closer, Janey feels she can finally leave her past behind. One day, over a bottle of wine, Janey finds herself telling Tanya her most shocking secret. Why wouldn’t she trust her new friend?

The following day, Janey sees Tayna’s daughter, Angel, with a man old enough to be her father, pushing someone into a car. The next day a body is found and police appeal for witnesses and share a picture of the same car Janey had just seen Angel with the previous day.

When Janey tells Tanya she is going to the police, Tanya turns threatening. If Janey says anything about Angel, Tanya will make sure that Janey’s dark secret gets out. Janey faces an impossible choice. Stay quiet about seeing Angel or speak up, and destroy her own family.


LITTLE WHISPERS weaves a entertaining tale of suspense and secrets.. What’s the big secret that changes Janey’s life and why in the world did she share it with Tayna? And how does one find a job like issac’s? The story is told at a brisk pace and as it builds to a conclusion it practically trips over itself.

The day after Janey’s sees Angel, the men and the car is like the day that never ends, So much is jammed into that one day it’s hard to keep up. Janey is like a spinning top. I love a fast pace, but this almost feels satirical there is so much going on.

The story is interesting and the writing is practiced. My favorite part of LITTLE WHISPERS was Janey’s character. Her feelings and emotions were well developed on the page.

Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Bookouture

Published May 21, 2020

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