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Liar, Liar

An entertaining and fast-paced story of lies, deception, murder and betrayal.



Didi Storm worked the Las Vegas strip as a celebrity impersonator. She was ambitious and always way to busy to spare much time for her daughter, Remmi. Remmi was 15 when she last saw her mother. DiDi disappeared after a horrendous night in the Mojave Desert. Remmi had hidden away in DiDi’s car that night, and had witnessed DiDi handing over one of her newborn twins to a man in exchange for a briefcase. The next day DiDi disappeared as did Remmi’s other half sibling. The authorities have found no clue as to what happened to DiDi, or either of her twins.

Now at 35, Remmi is living in San Francisco, and a tell-all book has just been published about DiDI’s life. But no one talked to Remmi about it. Coincidentally, Remmi is on her way to talk to the publisher, when a woman leaps from the ledge of a balcony. Remmi’s first glimpse of the jumper shakes her to her core. The broken woman bore a strong resemblance to DiDi. She was dressed in DiDi costume and wig. But it wasn’t DiDi. So where was DiDi and where has she been for the past twenty years?


It’s Las Vegas, baby! Anything can happen in Las Vegas and it does in this book: a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, a fireball in the desert, a disappearing act, counterfeit money, and murder and mayhem. It’s a zany start to this entertaining plot-driven story!

You’ll want to hold on tight for this fast moving crime thriller as layer upon layer of the mystery is deftly peeled away. You’ll keep reading to figure out who wrote the book about DiDi; who was this woman who jumped to her death; Where are DiDi and the twins; What happened that night in the desert; and who is following Remmi. There’s a lot going on in LIAR, LIAR, and all the lies, deceptions, and murders don’t always make sense. There are a few to many coincidences in the story for me, but a well-developed cast of characters makes the story interesting.

LISA JACKSON is the best selling author of more than 85 novels including You Will Pay and Tell Me. Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Kensington.

Publication June 26, 2016

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