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Left on Tenth

A Second Chance at Life

By Delia Ephron

A Fabulous Book of Determination and Resilience and Finding Late in Life Love



‘I’m not my sister. My leukemia is not her leukemia.’ was author Delia Ephron’s call to arms when she was diagnosed with the same disease that killed her sister, Nora, earlier. Just before her diagnosis, she falls madly in love with Peter, a San Franciso area psychiatrist. With Peter and close friends by her side, Delia takes us on a roller coaster of a journey through tears and laughter as she fights an uphill health battle and navigates the joyous emotions of finding love late in life.


Left on Tenth is simply a fabulous book. While memoirs about illnesses can be hard to read, Ephron adds levity and emotional honesty. But just because something is hard to read does not mean you shouldn't read it. Left on Tenth is definitely a book that should be read, shared and read again. It's about late in life resilience and determination and being open to new possibilities, and new options.

Ephron’s writing style, storytelling and tone were exceptionally moving. The flow of the book was smooth and easy. She beautifully and courageously shares the details of her illness and her thoughts and feelings as she is battling a cancer that has already ravaged her family. Her desire to write this book and the research required to put it together is admirable. She was certainly given a second chance at life.

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Little Brown and Company

Published April 12, 2022

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