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By Mike Lawson

Joe DeMarco #17

An Exciting and Captivating Book



Joe DeMarco is a troubleshooter for the former Speaker of the House, John Mahoney.  When Mahoney asks DeMarco to look into the death of his intern, Brian Lewis, DeMarco gets to work. It looks like Lewis died from a drug overdose, but DeMarco isn’t fooled, particularly after talking to his mother and girlfriend.  Lewis didn’t do drugs.

Lewis had been researching the votes of twelve Representatives, known as the dirty dozen, on a particular bill and their connections to a particular lobbying firm when he died. He had supposedly written a report, but no one can find the report or his computer; with little evidence to go on, DeMarco needs to figure out what Lewis knew and who would have killed a young, innocent man, not even out of college.    


KINGPIN is an exciting and captivating book that keeps you engaged till the end. The author, Mike Lawson, has once again crafted a cleverly written and seamlessly structured story that is highly entertaining. I have read all seventeen books in the Joe DeMarco series; each is better than the last.

All of the characters in the story are well-developed and have a distinctive personality. From DeMarco's charming character to the arrogant Carson Newman, a wealthy Boston developer, each character plays a significant role in this fast-paced tale. One of my favorite parts of the book was when DeMarco teamed up with the Capital Police. Each DeMarco book stands alone, and I recommend starting with any book in the series. You will not be disappointed.

I listened to the audio version of KINGPIN and thought the narrator, Joe Barrett,  did a great job with the performance.  Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher    Dreamscape Media (Audio)

Published   February 6, 2024

Narrator    Joe Barrett

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