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Dark Corners

(Rachel Krall #2)

By Megan Goldin

A Captivating and Compelling Story of Mystery and Intrigue



Rachel Krall is a well-known true-crime podcaster.  The FBI has asked her for assistance on a missing persons case in Florida.  The missing person is the popular van-life influencer Maddison Logan who disappeared after visiting a prisoner at the Florida State Prison.  Maddison has a substantial social media following.

Terrance Bailey is in prison for breaking and entering, but the FBI suspects he is responsible for the murder of several women.  He is due to be released from prison very soon.  The FBI wants to know why Maddison was visiting Bailey and whether her disappearance is related to that visit.  They think Rachel can help, but her visit with Bailey is a bust.  When Rachel realizes that Maddison had left her a voicemail right before she disappeared, she is more determined to help find her.  Rachel goes undercover as an influencer at Buzzcon, a popular influencer conference held at Daytona Beach.  She needs to learn more about Maddison before Bailey’s release from prison.


DARK CORNERS is a captivating and compelling story of mystery and intrigue.  What happened to Maddison?  What’s Maddison’s connection to Bailey?  And why did Maddison contact Rachel?  These are all questions at the heart of the story, which is told from multiple points of view, including segments of Rachel’s podcast about Maddison’s story.

Megan Goldin’s writing is riveting. She masterfully weaves a story about a prisoner, a popular influencer, a podcaster, the FBI, an influencer convention, a beautiful Florida beach, and a meticulous ride-share driver.  There is so much going on in this book, and Goldin has penned it all together perfectly.

Rachel’s character is amazing.  I fell in love with her in The Night Swim (2020) for her drive and determination; my admiration grew with DARK CORNERS.  She is strong, smart, and savvy.  Her character pulls you into the story.  I felt like I was riding on Rachel’s coattails during this story, right there with her the whole time.

I was delighted to listen to the multicast audiobook of Dark Corners.  The narrators were André Santana, January LaVoy, and Samantha Desz.  The voices, the pacing, and the tone were all spot on, effortlessly captivating this listener!

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher  MacMillan Audio

Published  August 8, 2023

Narrated   André Santana, January LaVoy, and Samantha Desz

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