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22 Seconds

Women’s Murder Club #22

By James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

An Action-Packed and Fast-Moving Story



Sergeant Lindsey Boxer and her FBI Agent husband, Joe Molinari, are back on the job to discover the truth. Boxer is investigating the bizarre murder of a former police officer. When message-ladened bodies of other former police officers show up, Boxer and the homicide team of the San Francisco Police Department are on high alert. When one of the cops who was serving a life sentence in San Quentin is murdered, Boxer feels responsible.

Molinari is investigating a group of highly armed protester who are refusing to comply with a new law banning automatic weapons. Rumor is that a major shipment of illegal assault rifles and fentanyl are headed to Southern California from Mexico in the next few days. Can Joe and his team stop it? Are Boxer and Molinari’s crimes related?


Hold on tight! What we have here is yet another action-packed and fast-moving plot from the prolific Patterson and Paetro team. The Womens Murder Club can alway be counted to deliver exciting entertainment and 22 SECONDS does just that. Bodies and threats pile up, while Boxer tries her best to keep everyone safe. The story is told in short gut-wrenching chapters and it comes in for a fast but slightly bumpy landing.

January Lavoy, who is one of the best narrators in the industry is the narrator for 22 SECONDS was delightful and the delivery was perfection.

Publisher Little Brown and Company

Published May 2, 2022

Narrated January Lavoy

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