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The Other Daughter

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

An Addictive Story You Will Not Want to End.



The Other Daughter was published over 20 years ago, but was only now released in audio. Melanie Stokes was nine years old when she was abandoned in a Boston hospital with a narcotic overdose. She was subsequently adopted by a young wealthy couple, who had earlier suffered the tragic loss of their four year old daughter. Melanie’s grew up knowing she was loved by her parents, her older brother, and her favorite uncle. She has no memory of her life before the adoption, but now at age 29, someone wants her to remember. One night she received a threatening message: “you get what you deserve.” As she struggles to figure out who she really is, danger is lurking around every corner.

“The truth did not always set you free. sometimes it bound you to dark, bloody deeds and costs you the people you love.”


The Other Daughter was the winner of the 1999 Reviewer’s Choice Award and winner of the 2000 Daphne’s Du Maurier Award for suspense. And I now know why it is being republished in audio. It’s a mystery full of twists that will have you holding your breath till the end. The writing was fluid and listening to the story was addictive. Lisa Gardner’s character development was robust and narrator Brittany Presley did a fabulous job with the various voices. My favorite part was the tension created by Melanie’s amnesia of her life before being abandoned in the hospital, and I really loved the David Riggs character, he was so full of feelings, emotions and strength.

“A parent’s approval always mattered, regardless of age.”

Publisher Brilliance Audio

Published December 2018

Narrated Brittany Presley

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