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The Good Sister

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

By Sally Hepworth

How Far Would You Go For Your Sister?



Rose, a well educated and empowered woman turned 27, and suddenly desperately wants a baby. Her ferocity is so intense that her husband, Owen leaves her.

Fern is Rose’s fraternal twin sister and has sensory processing issues. She avoids crowds, bright lights and loud noises. Exposure to these things have a tendency to overwhelm her. She works at the library four days a week, she walks to work listening to audiobooks and she is always 15 minutes early.

When Rose discovers she can’t get pregnant, Fern sees it as an opportunity to pay Rose back for all she has done to help her process the world. Fern decides she will have a baby for Rose. She just needs to find a father…


Aren’t sisters just the best! THE GOOD SISTER is a delightfully fun and quick read. Fern’s character is artfully drawn and simply adorable. Her sensory issues made for some humorous dialog and special situations. Fern’s new homeless friend, Wally just added to the fun. The library setting and the references to many books titles makes this book a librarian or book lovers’s dream.

Sally Hepworth’s writing shines as she explores bonds between these sisters and effortlessly blends stories from Fern and Rose’s tramatic childhood with the present. The story is full of drama and the final pages will have you cheering for more. It's a touching must read novel for these trying times.

Author Sally Hepworth lives in Melbourne, Australia and has written six previous novels including The Mother-in-Law (2019) and The Family Next Door (2018)

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher St. Martin’s Press

Published April 13, 2021

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