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The Girl Who Was Taken

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

A riveting story of the abduction of two high school seniors girls — only one returns



Nicole Cutty and Megan McDonald are both high school seniors in the small town of Emerson Bay, North Carolina. They both disappear from a beach party one summer night. No clues to the disappearance are found and hope is almost lost, until Megan is finally found, after escaping from a bunker in the woods. A year later the best-selling book of her ordeal has turn Megan from local hero to national celebrity. But Nicole is still missing.

Nicole’s older sister, Livia is a fellow in forensic pathology. She expects that one day soon Nicole‘s body will be found, and it will be up to someone like Livia to analyze the evidence and finally determined her sister’s fate. Instead the first clue of Nicole’s disappearance comes from another body that shows up in Livia‘s morgue. It’s that of a young man connected to Nicole‘s past. Livia reaches out to Megan for help, hoping to learn more about the night the two were taken. Other girls have gone missing as well and Livia is increasingly certain that the cases are connected. Megan remembers more now than what was revealed in her book. Her memories are coming together and pointing to something dark and menacing.

“The country was transfixed, not by the girl who was gone, but by the one who made it home.”


One of life pleasures is being totally surprised by an unexpectedly good book. This was it. I loved this book. The story was mesmerizing and uniquely well done.

It’s was easy to follow despite a storyline jumping back and forth in time. All the characters were good, but my favorite was Livia, because of her strength and perseverance in finding out what happened to her sister. Crazy as it may sound, I absolutely loved the scenes when she was doing autopsies and coroner ride alongs. They were very well done. I even learned a thing or two about forensic pathology.

Anyone who likes books with a strong women character would like this one. Author Charlie Donlea is a USA Today best selling author who was born and raised and continues to live in Chicago. His other books include Summit Lake (2016) and Don’t Believe It (2018). I listened to the book on Audible and the narrator Nina Alvamar did a superb job with this one.

Publisher Recorded Books

Published April 25, 2017

Narrator Nina Alvamar

“You go through life doing all the things everyone else wants you to do, and you’ll wake up one day realizing your life has passed you by and you’ve got a list of stuff you’ve never got to do.”
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