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The Devil's Song

A fabulous debut novel about a female prosecutor who questions everything to find the truth about both the present and the past.


SUMMARY Someone is killing redheaded women in Mission County, Pennsylvania. Three women have died so far. Prosecutor Kate Magda is assign the lead on this high profile case and she sees it as an opportunity to make a name for herself, and finally get out from under the shadow of her father, a well connected, long standing local judge. The more Kate reads about the case the more convince she is that she has a personal connection to the killer. When Kate, a redhead was only 5, she and her cousin, Tess experienced a traumatic childhood event, the killer seems to know all about the details of that horrific event. Then the case gets even closer. Kate’s intern is murdered and left on the courthouse steps. Fearing she will be the next victim, Kate pull out all the stops to solve the case. It may be the only way she can survive.

REVIEW THE DEVIL’S SONG is a heart pumping and riveting tale of unrelenting tension. It’s a story about a serial killer investigation; and it’s a story about a real family and the history that haunts them. LAUREN STAHL has written a fascinating debut novel that grabs her readers and doesn’t let go. The writing is fluid, the characters well-developed, and the plot has many interest elements. Kate Magna, is a bluestocking woman, who stands up to trouble, questions everything, and is determined to seek justice. I hope to read more books about her in the future. The title was the only thing about this book that scared me. It was the key reason that I put off reading this book for over six weeks, and then after reading it I failed to see how the title connected to the story. Despite that I would recommend this book to anyone with an inkling for strong women characters and legal thrillers. Can’t wait for the next LAUREN STAHL book. Thanks to LibraryThing, Akashic Books and Lauren Stahl for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Book Published January 2, 2018

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