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The Crooked Staircase: A Jane Hawk Novel

Unrelenting tension and an unyielding female protagonist are the highlights of this well-plotted novel.



An epidemic of murder-suicides is sweeping the nation. It claimed Jane Hawk’s husband and many others and it is escalating rapidly. Jane, an FBI agent, has gone rogue against a horrific conspiracy that threatens the freedom and free-will of millions. As a wanted fugitive she relentlessly hunts for the secret organization behind the plot. Jane’s enemies, both the government and those involved in the conspiracy will stop at nothing to see her dead. But Jane has a plot of her own. She has her sights set on one of the twisted leaders in the conspiracy. How far will she go to protect her young son Travis, and discover the truth behind the technology that is creating a new world order.

“There is not much news in the news anymore. The lies they tell don’t leave a lot of time for the facts about anything.”


Jane Hawks is waging a one woman war against the most powerful conspiracy ever. She is phenomenally brave and determined, and readers like me, who are looking for strong female protagonists, will be in awe. The conspiracy is so scary you have to put it down at times and tell yourself “it’s only a book, it’s not real.” The unrelenting tension, interspersed with occasional spots of humor, was one of the things I like most about the story. I also like many of the characters in the book, particularly the “good guys.” Cornell’s character was fascinating, as was Jessie and Gavin. Five-year-old Travis was adorable and he will wiggle his way into your heart.

THE CROOKED STAIRCASE is the first Koontz book that I have picked up in several years and find I have jumped right in the middle of a series. What was I’s the third one in the series, no less. The others books, The Silent Corner and The Whispering Room, surely have a wealth of information to provide, but having not read them did not prevent me from understanding and enjoying the intensity of this one. With a major cliffhanger at the end, you know there will be more books to come. This one had just a bit to much of a cliffhanger for me, surely just meant to hook you into buying the next book. If you like thrillers, series and a strong female protagonist this is definitely the book for you. I listened to the Audible version of the book and loved the narration.

Publisher Brilliance Audio.

Publication Date May 8, 2018

Narrated Elizabeth Rodgers

“None of us ever has more than this moment. Tomorrow becomes today, today becomes yesterday. The best I can do for my boy is give him enough todays that he can make a past for himself that will have had some meaning in it.”
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