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Dear George, Dear Mary

A Novel of George Washington’s First Love

A heartbreaking love story intertwined with George Washington’s military exploits



This ill-fated love story between New York heiress Mary Eliza Philipse with George Washington is based on historical accounts, letters, and personal journals. Twenty-four-year-old Washington has just been appointed Colonel of the Virginia Regiment and commander-in-chief of all forces of the colony. Mary is rich and ravishingly beautiful, but she is haunted by the loss of her parents, her sister, and a childhood friend. She finds each day at the manor house on the Hudson River, a struggle to survive.

On Valentines Day, 1756, Mary’s family hosts a special evening of music and dancing for over two hundred friends. The purpose of the event was to introduce a reluctant Mary, also known as the Belle of the North to the handsome, brave and heroic Colonel Washington. By the end of this special evening the two had fallen in love.

“You are capable of the impossible, for you have survived the unthinkable.”


DEAR GEORGE, DEAR MARY is a heartbreaking love story, intertwined with Washington’s military exploits. This is one of those historical fiction novels that leaves you scratching your head. What is fact and what is fiction? Undoubtedly, Washington’s quotes, military deployments, and journal entries, are all factual. But what about George’s feelings about Mary, and the reference that couple’s unrequited love sparked a flame that ignited a cause that became the American Revolution. Seriously...

From the title I was totally expecting that the book would contain the content of the actual letters between, George and Mary. It did not. But it did a great job of giving us a look at pre-Revolutionary war society. It is evident that much research went into the book. One of the things I loved was how author MARY CALVI cleverly weaves many of George’s 110 rules of correct behavior into relevant scenes in the book.

Calvi’s writing is beautifully descriptive and I absolutely fell in love with Mary Philipse. Calvi is a nine time New York Emmy award-winning journalist. She is a television news anchor in New York City. This is her debut novel. Thanks to Netgalley, St Martin’s Press and Mary Calvi for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

“I am a woman who knows a good fortune does not necessitate the yearning for a husband.”

Publisher St. Martins Press

Published February 19, 2019

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