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Damaged Rosato and DiNunzio #4

An immensely satisfying emotional legal thriller, full of twist and turns that will keep the pages flying.


SUMMARY Patrick O’Brien is a small, shy 10-years-old, who can read only on a first-grade level. He had dyslexia and tries to hide it from everyone, but his resulting anxiety gets the best of him and he is getting bullied at school. Patrick is accused of attacking a school aide, who promptly quits his job and sues the boy’s family and the school district. Patrick’s grandfather, Edward, is in his seventies and is Patrick’s only remaining family. Edward hires South Philadelphia attorney Mary DiNunzio to help defend Patrick. But soon Patrick is in a heck of a lot more trouble than anyone bargained for. Regardless, Mary is charmed by the young boy, believes he is innocent and has become Patrick’s strongest advocate. But she is getting married in two weeks, and is risking everything she holds dear to protect Patrick from a dismal future.

REVIEW Once again LISA SCOTTOLINE has knocked it out of the park with this emotional legal thriller. Her writing, research and attention to detail is superb. Mary DiNunzio’s character is a scrappy and tireless fighter for justice. And you just have to love her family and the three Tony’s, who are always there for her, no matter what! Such love! The action is fast-paced and doesn’t stop until the last page is turned. I don’t think Mary or I got a bit of sleep as she struggled to make a difference in Patrick’s life, and his future. DAMAGED is riveting and full of twists and turns and any one who loves Lisa Scottoline or emotional legal thrillers with strong female characters will love Damaged. It’s her fourth book in the Rosato & DiNunzio series. Book Published August 16, 2016

“Mary wondered when law got so complicated that even lawyers needed lawyers.”
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