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Watch Me

A mesmerizing stalker novel that will keep your head in the book.


SUMMARY Kate Youngblood is becoming invisible. She is a creative writing professor at Blackwood College. She wrote a successful mystery novel several years ago but ever since then things have gone south. Her follow-up novel was not so good. Her husband left her for a woman ten years younger, and her best friend is having her first baby. Kate is just shy of forty, and already she feels as if she is losing her glow, her beauty, her charm and her wit. No one will notice or want her ever again.

Sam Grist is 22, and Kate’s most talented student. And he knows it. Kate thinks his writing has potential and introduces him to her agent. But Sam wants much more than just a literary introduction from Kate. He has been watching her for years, ever since her first novel was published, but never from this close. He believe they have a future together. He makes his way into her life, and his attention awakens her. She knows that students are off limits, but she can’t help it, he makes her feel good, at first. And then it’s as if he can read her thoughts. Her knows her secret desires. He knows where she lives and where she is going to be. Is he reading her emails? Has he been in her house?

REVIEW WATCH ME is a chilling stalker novel that I could not put down. While I was totally immersed in the book, I became frustrated with the dynamic of a smart, educated woman that become totally clueless when a man pays attention to her. So tired of reading about women as easily manipulated victims. While I may not have liked the characters, JODY GEHRMAN’s writing captured an riveting story with great character development. Both Sam and Kate’s character were developed layer by layer, and you got to know them well. Sam was egotistical, condescending and obsessive, while Kate was insecure, depressed and was loosing her edge.

Overall, WATCH ME was a good stalker novel that kept my head in the book. Thanks to Netgalley, St Martin’s Griffin and Jody Gehrman for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Book Published January 23, 2018.

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