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Walking the Bones Ryan DeMarco Mystery #2

A compelling mystery combined with an in-depth character study of a man struggling with memories, loss and regrets.



Ryan DeMarco is still reeling from the case that led to the death of his best friend months ago and is considering retirement from the Pennsylvania State Police Department. He’s fighting some personal demons that he knows he needs to conquer. Instead of retiring DeMarco and his new girlfriend Trooper Jayme Matson are convinced to take a leave of absence. They buy an RV together and begin a road trip. They are just about to head to Florida when they get a call; Jayme’s grandmother in Aberdeen, Kentucky, has just passed away. They turn the RV around and head to Kentucky.

After the funeral, DeMarco and Jayme are approached by three amateur crime solving septuagenarians who want their help in solving a decades old mystery. Several years ago the bones of seven young black girls were found behind a false wall in the First Baptist Church. The girls all went missing between 1998 and 2004. There are plenty of suspects to be considered—the evasive pastor, two former church caretakers and a convicted pedophile and ex-teacher. Ryan and Jayme are soon embroiled in this unresolved case. Was it a fetish for young girls of color or was it a hatred for them?


WALKING THE BONES is a continuation of the intriguing saga of a man fighting the demons of grief, loss and guilt. Ryan DeMarco is a man who knows he needs a break, and who know he needs to move beyond the memories that are haunting him. This RV road trip and his relationship with the spunky Trooper Jayme Matson might be just the cure. It takes a strong man to admit when he needs help!

In WALKING THE BONES we watch DeMarco’s evolution as he gallantly attempts to cast off his demons. We find out about his abusive childhood, the cause of his PTSD and so much more. It’s a fascinating and brilliant character study.

The investigation into mystery of the seven young girls will keep you on the edge of your seat and will put DeMarco to both a physical and mental test. It’s a robust story full of dead-ends and twists as each of the many suspects are found and questioned. Silvas’s writing is enjoyable, even lyrical at times and his settings are wonderfully descriptive. Particularly loved the very first chapter, when DeMarco decides to take a walk in the deep, dark woods alone and without a cell phone. It will definitely draw you in!

Both parts of Walking the Bones, the character study and the mystery of the seven young girls are compelling. If you enjoyed Randall 's Silvis first novel Two Days Gone, you will definitely love this one as well. Ryan DeMarco is turning out to be a great series!

“Throughout that day he marched toward one slender, streaming shaft of mote filled yellow after another, the neglected sky like a sputtering fluorescent bulb hidden somewhere high above. Those high leaves when DeMarco stared into them for a few seconds while resting, would become like leaves afloat upon first milky and later inky water, and he would remember his childhood and the woods to which he had so often escaped...”

Publisher Sourcebooks Landmark/Recorded Books

Published January 23, 2018

Narrated Graham Winton

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