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Two Days Gone

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Ryan DeMarco Mystery #1

A Haunting, Tension-filled, Heartbreaker of a Mystery.



Thomas Huston, a beloved professor and bestselling author, is a local hero in the small Pennsylvania college town where he lives and teaches. When Huston’s wife and three children are found brutally murdered in their home, the community reacts with shock and anger. Huston has mysteriously disappeared, and suddenly, the town celebrity is the primary suspect.

Sergeant Ryan DeMarco had recently lost his own son in a terrible car accident and he is still reeling from the aftermath. DeMarco can’t believe that a man he admired, a man he had considered a friend, could be capable of such a grisly murder of his own perfect family. Hoping to glean clues about Huston’s mind-set, DeMarco with the help of one of Huston students, delves into the professor’s notes on the novel he was writing. Soon, DeMarco doesn’t know who to trust—and the more he uncovers about Huston’s life, the more perilous his search becomes. Could Huston really be responsible for killing his entire family?


TWO DAY GONE is an expertly delivered portrait of a man consumed with grief over the loss of his family. The book tells a touching chronicle of a man in shock, and on the run. The unrelenting tension of the chase effortlessly blends Huston’s life with DeMarco’s. You can help but feel empathy for the immense grief and pain of both men.

The writing is immediately compelling and smartly structured from both men’s perspective. TWO DAYS GONE is a haunting, tension-filled, heartbreaker of a novel. References to Poe (Annabelle Lee) and Nabokov (Lolita) famous works add the perfect atmosphere to this well-executed plot, which is aided by the vivid imagery of the setting in the dark woods of northwestern Pennsylvania.

Author Randall Silvis is the internationally acclaimed author of more than a dozen novels, including Walking the Bones, the Ryan DeMarco Mystery #2.

Publisher Poisoned Pen Press/Recorded Books

Published January 10, 2017

Narrated Graham Winton

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