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This Is Not How It Ends

A beautiful and emotional story of friendship, love, loss and forgiveness.



Charlotte and Phillip are accidental seatmates on a flight from Miami to Kansas City. By the end of the flight sparks are flying. Together they moved to the Florida Keys with plans to marry. But just as they should be planning their wedding Charlotte feels as if Phillip is slipping away. Philip’s constant traveling and excessive absences has her wondering if this is really what she wants in a relationship. When Charlotte meets Ben, Phillip’s, best friend a close friendship naturally develops. She tries to ignore the pull between the two of them but a hurricane drives them together and challenges both of their their loyalties.


THIS IS NOT HOW IT ENDS is a beautiful and emotional story of friendship, love, loss and forgiveness. It’s women fiction with great and highly relatable characters. You’ll fall in love with them all...Charlotte, Phillip, Ben, Billy and even Sunny. The storylines are creatively intertwined.

Author ROCHELLE WEINSTEIN’s writing is brilliantly plotted and full of emotional storms. It’s a gem of a novel you don’t want to miss. The very beginning of the story grabs you with this lyrical statement from Charlotte...“I’ve heard it said that life is about choices. Paths stretch out ahead of us—sometimes we make conscious decisions and other times, fate intervenes and choose for us.” I loved this statement when I read it in Chapter 1. And then I fell in love with it again at the end of the book. It’s is the epitome of the book. T.I.N.H.I.E

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Lake Union

Published January 1, 2020

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