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The Wife

A timely and gripping psychological suspense novel that will leave you gasping for air.


SUMMARY He makes a mistake and she may pay the price. All Angela wanted was to live a quiet life, maybe get married, have another child, and most importantly, stay out of the media limelight in order to avoid the press about nightmare that was her past. But six years into her marriage to Jason, a brilliant NYU economics professor, that dream began to crumble. Jason, handsome and well-dressed, had already become a media darling when he published a best selling book, developed a podcast and started a very successful corporate consulting firm several years ago. But it was when a intern in his consulting firm made an accusation against Jason, and another woman comes forward with a more troubling charge that their perfect life implodes. Jason says he is innocent of the charges. Angela wants to believe him, and but she really wants this all to just go away. Coming to her husband’s defense will put her and her troubling past in the media spotlight again. She’s not sure she can handle that.

REVIEW One of life’s pleasures is a book that you begin reading with no expectation and in the end it just blows you away. The Wife is a skillful crafted and cleverly layered thriller that will definitely keep your head in the book. The investigation into the accusations against Jason, Angela’s troubled past, and her strained marriage all coalesce to draw you in, but it is the final chapters that will have you gasping for air. Alafair Burke’s storytelling is impeccable, and she has created just the right amount of tension within each of the multiple layers of the story. Her writing is smooth and easy to read, and Jason and Angela’s characters are well-drawn. I really appreciated Angela’s strength. Surprising to me that this was my first book by Burke, who is a best-selling crime novelist, a professor of law and a legal commentator. She is impressively the author of two series of crime novels featuring strong women as the main character. How did I miss those? Word on the street is that this newest novel, The Wife will soon be made into a major motion picture. Can’t wait!

PUBLISHER Harper Audio

PUBLISHED January 23, 2018


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