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The Second Wife

A captivating psychological suspense-filled story of marriage, betrayal and friendship.



Rebecca is shocked to be attending her best friend’s funeral. It’s unbelievable that her red-haired free-spirited artist friend, Nicole could have committed suicide. But things started to go wrong for Nicole as soon as she married the charismatic Richard Gray, a year ago. Nicole drowned in a river close to their home, even though Richard attempted to save Nicole from the frigid water. Now he can’t even speak about what happened. Meeting at the funeral for the first time, Rebecca feels a instantaneous connection to Nicole’s husband. She agrees to to come back and visit Richard and his 19 year old daughter, Olivia after things settle down. As Rebecca gets closer to Richard things go too far and she begins to slip into Nicole’s old life, staying in her home, and sleeping in her bed. But can there be a future for them? What would Nicole want her to do


THE SECOND WIFE is cleverly interwoven story of friendship, marriage and betrayal. Character development was so fabulous, you can’t help but fall in love with Richard just like Nicole did. I especially loved Rebecca’s character, and just can’t believe she would become involved with her best friend husband, although Richard could be pretty irresistible when he wanted to be. Even the modern white-toned house Richard and Nicole lived in had a personality all of it’s own, and it was a perfect setting for the story.

I loved how Nicole’s emails and letters to Rebecca were used to convey her thoughts about Richard and her marriage. So Rebecca wasn’t totally unfamiliar with Richard when she met him at the funeral. Nicole had share some of their deepest secrets in these letters. The story is nicely told in alternating chapters of Nicole’s past and Rebecca’s present. SHERYL BROWNE’s writing was good and she has given us a nice, quick, and enjoyable read. Thanks to Netgalley, Sheryl Browne and Bookouture for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Bookouture

Published January 29, 2019

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