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The New Husband

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

It’s the type of psychological thriller that will keep you up all night long



Nina Garrity’s husband has been missing for a year and a half now. His abandoned boat covered in blood, and Daisy, the family dog had been found at his favorite fishing spot, but not much else. He is now presumed drowned. Nina is further devastated when she learns of the lies and secrets he had been keeping from her. She won’t let anyone do that to her again.

The charming Simon Fitch walks into Nina’s life and she can’t believe her luck. He is so perfect for her. He anticipates her every move, he knows her favorites foods, buys her thoughtful gifts, and is there whenever she needs him. He checks all the boxes. Even Nina’s teenage son connects with Simon. But the one person who doesn’t is Nina’s daughter Maggie. Maggie misses her dad tremendously and still hopes he’ll come home one day. Simon is a teacher at Maggie’s school and she has to see way to much of him. The gulf between Maggie and Simon is getting wider as Maggie deliberately tries to make him mad and so that he go away. But that doesn’t work.


THE NEW HUSBAND is an immensely satisfying psychological thriller. It’s a ricocheting tale that will keep you up all night. The story is told from both Nina and Maggie’s perspective and is part domestic drama, part psychological thriller. It is a highly recommended reading experience. How well do you really know those you love...

The writing was easy to read and the character development was good. I particularly liked Nina’s character and her strength exhibited in handling Glen’s disappearance, her search for answers, and her caution in moving on with her life. But when it came to Simon, Nina’s character was weak and irritating. I appreciated Maggie’s character and her narrative . While it transitions to a young perspective it adds value and dimension to the story.

D. J. Palmer also know as Daniel Palmer Is the author of numerous suspense novels including Delirious and Desperate. He lives with his wife and two children in New Hampshire.

I listened to the audiobook for THE NEW HUSBAND and enjoyed it. The voices for both Maggie and Nina were easy listens.

Publisher St. Martin’s Press

Published April 14, 2020

Narrated January LaVoy and Rebecca Soler

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