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The Boardwalk Trust: The Beach Lawyer #2

The Boardwalk Trust is a clever and complex legal thriller with a diverse assortment of interesting characters.


SUMMARY What could be better than an office on the boardwalk of Venice Beach, with blue skies directly overhead and an unobstructed beautiful ocean view. Sitting at his faux bamboo conference table in a beach chair and wearing board shorts, Robert Worth has it made, and is not regretting his decision to hang his shingle on the boardwalk. A Venice publication even named him the hottest lawyer in LA , of course that was during a recent heatwave.

One of his first clients is Delfina Famosa, a bright, nine-year-old homeless girl, who needs his help. She and her father, Teo, claim to be the beneficiaries of a family trust, that had been run by Teo’s recently deceased brother, but they have to appear in court to claim it, and Delfina needs Robert to help them. Teo is reluctant to claim the trust because of his past issues with alcohol and bad blood between he and his brother. Once Robert, Teo and Delfina show up on the assigned court date, they find there is very little even left in the Famosa Trust. Despite the small amount, Robert who is smitten with the adorable, book-reading Delfina, wants to find out what happened and make sure he can get her everything that she deserves. She calls Robert her Magna Carta Man, but Robert finds being a super hero is not an easy role, and then it gets a whole lot harder. As Robert peels back the layers of the trust, he discovers nothing and no one are quite what they seem.

REVIEW The Boardwalk Trust is a gripping sequel to Beach Lawyer (Beach Lawyer #1). Robert Worth is joined by a wide assortment of interesting and diverse characters, some we fondly remember from Beach Lawyer #1. Avery Duff has added to the cast, many colorful and diverse new characters, some good, some not so good and some pure evil. Best of all, smart little Delfina Famosa steals the show by providing the motivation for the narrative and adding touching moments to the plot. Robert has gotten himself involved in a high stakes, complex, and fast moving case. The story is riveting, and clever and the writing flows effortlessly. Suspense and thriller fans and fans of the Beach Lawyer will not be disappointed. Thanks to Netgalley, Thomas and Mercer, and Avery Duff for advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. Published April 17, 2018.

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